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The Federal Government is focused on the war so much that care for the general population is being provided by local government and non-government Organizations .


There was a children's sanatorium for many years for TB in the Lviv region. It was closed but now it has been reopened as a new home for the many orphans who were sent from the Eastern War Zone. The official name of the orphanage is: CHILDREN'S HOUSE "SUN".


Currently there are 96 children aged 2 to 6 years old and an additional 55 children on the waitlist, bringing the total to  151 children.

The woman in charge, Dr. Olga Buianova, was previously the Director of the sanatorium.

She has done an amazing job caring for these children and converting the existing space for this new usage.

The local government  has done some renovation but more is needed as soon as possible.


Our construction manager, Roman, a member of our new Ukrainian team, and his crew installed 44 new radiators, 10 new pvc windows and a 100 m2 of a new floor.

With our help,the rooms are now ready to accept the 55 children aged 1 day to 3 years old.





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