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April 2015 Mandalay,  Myanmar has a growing problem with street children. The reasons are many but the facts are that these children will very likely end up in crime,  drugs and prostitution unless there is some form of intervention.  We discovered that Don Bosco and the Vatican have expanded their programs to include this group of children.  They are providing a place to sleep,  eat and shower as well as informal education to many of these children.  This charity is being offered unconditionally,  without regard to religious preference.  The Bridge of Life has designed constructed and donated an new facility for this purpose. We drained a portion of a lake to create new land to build the structures. We moved an existing 400 square foot,  two story structure to the site and renovated it.  It will provide sleeping quarters for 20 children. We constructed a new 2000 square foot,  two story building which will contain a multipurpose room with dividers and sleeping facilities for 30 children. We constructed a toilet block and large bathing facility which will accommodate all of the children using this facility.


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