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Nepal February 2016

In May 2015 the first of two deadly earthquakes measuring over 7.5 on the Richter scale occurred in Nepal
The damage to life and property was huge. As a result of this natural disaster accompanied by a 5 month border blockage, life as they had known it in the nation of Nepal came to a halt.
More then 1.6 million children could not attend school and all schools within the epicenter and a radius of more then 1000 km were either severely damaged or completely destroyer.
The Bridge of Life was at that time  considering several other projects in Eastern Europe when we were contacted by numerous individuals and organizations in Nepal.
They explained that life was a disaster and little humanitarian aid was occurring at that time. We were asked to come to Nepal and cooperate  with  the villages located within the epicenter and through this cooperation build a permanent school.
The bridge of life accepted this challenge and departed for Nepal. For next 4 and a half months everyone worked 7 days a week, often at night as well, to create this school. The construction material was difficult to locate and we often were forced to turn to the black market in order to avoid construction delays.
The villages all participated and in the end we opened the school on May 15, 2016. The school will now accommodate 240 children with the possibility of easily and economically adding additional space to increase the attendance to 360 children.
At the opening of school we were informed bu a government representative that this was the only permanent school built in the epicenter area and the surrounding 1000 square km, since the earthquake over 13 months earlier.
This says more about the situation in Nepal than it says about our activities. a very, very sad story that continues…

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