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Dear Family and Friends,

We never know who we will meet each day during this nightmare war.

A few days ago at breakfast we heard several men speaking English.

To those of you who know me well, it will be no surprise that I immediately asked where they were from.

They told us that they were Americans and they were here to teach the Military how to properly locate and defuse landmines.

Ukraine is now filled with tens of thousands of land mines and it is so dangerous that many farmers are afraid to plant and several have already been killed by landmines.


I asked the team of Americans what they needed as they prepared to go to the field.

They said they need more first aid supplies.

We went to the warehouse to prepare several other shipments so we used this opportunity to see if there were any more first aid supplies available.

I searched the entire day and we were able to fill our vehicle with the supplies they needed.

We returned to our hotel and they met us at the entrance and the transfer was made.


Who knows who we will meet tomorrow?

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