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We are currently supporting  the Lviv Regional Psychiatric Hospital.

This is a 500 bed Hospital with now more than 1,000 patients.

The Government provides money for salaries but all other expenses are the responsibility of the hospital including equipment and food.

The Children’s Department is no exception.

The weather has turned cold and wet and the small clothes dryer for the Children’s Department is unrepairable.

Tanja and I decided to purchase a commercial dryer in Poland.

We asked The Salesian Order/Don Bosco if they would please transport this dryer to us in Lviv, Ukraine.

They immediately agreed and asked if there was anything else we needed.

We told them about food and Hygiene supplies.

The large red van arrived in Lviv and inside was our dryer and over 600 kg(1,300 pounds) of food and Hygiene supplies.

We delivered everything to the Children’s Department and celebrated with Aleksandra, head of the Warsaw Administration Team and Father Jazek of Warsaw.

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