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We were informed that a company in Ontario, Canada, “Healing Mamas”, had received donations from their suppliers to be sent to Ukraine.
We knew that The Ukraine Red Cross had joined with The Lviv Regional Government to construct a center for Pregnant Women. This shelter was completed and named “UNBROKEN WOMEN”.
There are currently 120 pregnant women in this shelter.
We were contacted and asked if we knew who could need these supplies and we immediately thought about the shelter.
We were given a quantity of beautiful bags filled with luxurious and essential supplies for Pregnant Women.
We contacted Unbroken Women and they requested us to deliver to the Lviv Saint Nicholas Children's Hospital, who would deliver to the new center located some distance from Lviv.
We were met by 2 ICU Doctors and the delivery was completed.
This nightmare war continues to bring out the worst and the best in people.
We are happy to tell you about some good news.

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