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The Frontline Medics Organization, composed of medics, doctors and nurses from Europe, North America and Australia, have provided emergency extraction, medical treatment and evacuation since the War began.

It has been our honor to support them with medical supplies. 


Recently, Simon of Frontline Medics contacted us with an urgent request for a 4x4 extraction vehicle capable of traveling in rough terrain. He also asked for a truck with a back box if at all possible. 

Our dear friend Peter in Poland began the search. 


At the same time, we met a visitor from the USA and gave her a brief tour of The Superhumans Center. This visitor, Ms. Marsha Hunt, a member of Rotary International, asked what was urgently needed. 

We told Marsha about Frontline Medics and their extraction vehicle request. 

Without hesitation, Marsha informed us that she personally wanted to make a sizable donation towards the purchase of this vehicle. 


Peter found a vehicle, did an inspection and we wired all necessary funds to purchase and transport this vehicle to the border. 

Our dear friends Igor and Katya asked if they could go to the border and retrieve the vehicle and bring it to us in Lviv. We agreed, but no one could imagine the Sunday traffic at the Polish-Ukraine border. 

It took 10 hours to bring the vehicle across the border for a 1.5-hour drive to Lviv! 


We received the vehicle and transferred it to a member of the Frontline Medics team who drove it to Kyiv. It is now painted green for security and immediately moved to the combat zone for the extraction of civilian men, women, children and the elderly. 


Thank you, Marsha, for joining us on this important donation that will definitely save lives.  



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