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  • A secure ward is the extremely important entry point for many children and adolescents of Serbia and neighboring countries.

  • This is where young ones suffering from severe life threatening depression and often times dangerous mania are stabilized so that they can transition to a day hospital setting.

  • When this project was requested, the secure ward had 20 patients, 6 mothers and 1 toilet in 1000 square feet( 100 m2).

  • We were given the opportunity to remove the workspace in the existing top floor of this 5th floor institution.

  • We reconstructed a space of more than 4,000 square feet( 400 m2)


The new ward  now consists of the following elements:

  • A room for group therapy for both children and parents

  • 2 rooms for doctors

  • 1 room for therapist

  • 3 dormitory rooms for the children

  • 1 room for mothers and small children

  • One day room

  • One kitchen and food elevator

  • One dining room

  • One large nurse's station for the treatment of the children and adequate space for the hard working staff


One of the major challenges of this project was replacing all interior and exterior windows with very special glass that would insure the safety of these children.


A firm in Belgrade produced the glass according to our specifications and it was tested by the staff and a large sledge hammer


The ward is now running smoothly and the staff can now deliver their excellent treatment in a much more therapeutic setting.

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