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We were contacted by our friends, The Salesians/Don Bosco from Warsaw, Poland, who informed us about an orphanage in Lviv, Ukraine at Antonovycha Street 117.


This orphanage has existed since 1947.The Director has worked here for the past 26 years. She is a Pediatrician. This orphanage that we have named "Child House #2" is extremely well organized and it is filled with organization and love everywhere you look. The "Child House #2" is under the ministry of health (MOH) umbrella and it provides on-site staff which includes every kind of doctor necessary. Additionally, they have 2 full time masseuses(physiotherapist) for the little ones with problems and a full physical therapy program for some of the "special children". There were 65 children on the day of our visit, of which 26 are from East Ukraine. Children are ages 1 day to 4 years old.  After age 4, the government sends children to another orphanage.


The only requests we received from the director were one commercial washing machine, one commercial dryer, one electric potato peeling machine and a supply of paint to brighten the outdoor playground equipment so that it will be sparkling and cheerful for the little ones and for the staff.

We immediately accepted these requests. We purchased machines in Poland, because they are more expensive in Ukraine. The machines were sent to the Don Bosco house in Warsaw. Our friends, The Salesians, transported the machines from Warsaw to Lviv, together with a donation of a large supply of baby food, baby snacks and sweets.

This was another action that The Bridge of Life and The Salesians/Don Bosco did together in order to help the most vulnerable ones.

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