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The Bridge of Life received 2 separate requests for emergency 4x4 SUVs.


Request #1- A team of Doctors are now moving into the small villages in the East and South in order to provide emergency medical aid.

These are,in many cases, off-road conditions and the vehicles need to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

The vehicle we will provide will also be used for the extraction and evacuation of women, children and the elderly.


Request #2- The situation in Odessa was getting more tense with each day. The Russian army is now focused on Odessa along with the East and the South, but Odessa is a key location due to its position as a primary port on the Black Sea.

The local group needed a 4x4 off- road vehicle to properly deliver medical aid and supplies in the rural parts of this Region.

Again, our man in Poland, Piotr Wajszczak (Peter) came to the rescue. 

Peter drove more than 2000 kilometers inspecting and rejecting vehicles.

He finally located two acceptable vehicles. 

He purchased and transported them from completely opposite Polish locations to Warsaw.

Tanja and I arrived in Warsaw and met with Peter and the 2 vehicles.

We then prepared the vehicles with identification as Emergency vehicles.

We said goodbye to Peter and the Journey began.

I drove the lead car with Tanja close behind. We communicated by Walkie Talkie and safely arrived 4.5 hours later at a small border town.

The next day we quickly crossed the Polish-Ukraine border and headed to Lviv.

The following days were spent further preparing the vehicles and adding medical supplies.

They were both now ready to go into action!

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